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Not too long ago. Fire Cycle Fitness was just a dream. As a matter of fact, it was a very distant dream for a young man who grew up with a childhood that you wouldn’t believe if he shared. That young man grew up in Los Angeles, California, bouncing between his father, his mother, his aunts, foster care, and his grandmother.

Growing up the few close friends that David had, would continually tell him that he was resilient and full of positive love and energy. Most of his friends amazed that he could be so happy and cheerful. Growing up, David had only one option and that was to have a positive outlook and believe that things would always get better, not worse. David would turn to all of his friends for anything that he needed, as they were the only family he had. Through many adversities and hard times, David eventually grew into a young man, that had to figure out who he was. After many years of chasing the dreams of having a perfect family, and realizing that it would never happen, he set out on a journey to discover the person that he would become and you know today.

Today, the CEO and founder of Fire Cycle Fitness, David Curtis, stands tall on his handlebars, because of a community like the one we have right here in the Milwaukee metropolitan area. Yet again, David shows that being a leader, and having setbacks only makes you stronger as you forge into the future. While we were only created this year in 2023, this number is magical and has a powerful meaning to David’s personal life. Feel free to ask him about it sometime it’s a really good story.

You will catch him listening to Mariah Carey and of course all the best dance music. He has been known to make a few sick playlists. Olivia his 6 year old Weimaraner is the center of his world. He and his partner love to travel and enjoying keeping to themselves at home.

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